To answer any questions about space, floor, safety, etc

What Type of Floor Can You Spin On?

Dance floor/marley, wood, marble, smooth concrete.  Anything flat and smooth.  If you have an outdoor gig with rough floor – let me know, and I can modify what I do so I can perform.  Carpeted floor is not preferred.  

How Much Space Do You Need?

A 20×20 space is preferred, but I can spin in spaces that are a bit smaller if told beforehand, so I can prepare a smaller act.  12×12 is the absolute smallest.

What Else can You Offer?

Aerials of many types – aerial silks, rope, trapeze, lyra.  Also costuming work plus cosplay crafting panels and performance.

Does the Wheel Damage the Floor?

No.  It is covered in a thick PVC or rubber covering.  Never has anything happened to a floor. since I started spinning in 2018.  Wheels are meant to be used indoors and on smooth flooring.

How Can I Book You?

Email is the best and preferred – 

Do You Smash Your Fingers?

No, toes on the other hand?  Often.