To answer any questions about space, floor, safety, etc

What Type of Floor Can You Spin On?

Dance floor/marley, wood, marble, smooth concrete.  Anything flat and smooth.  If you have an outdoor gig with rough floor – let me know, and I can modify what I do so I can perform.  Carpeted floor is very difficult, but can be done with modification.

How Much Space Do You Need?

A 20×20 space or more is preferred, but I can spin in spaces that are a bit smaller if told beforehand, so I can prepare a smaller act. 

What Else can You Offer?

I can offer full performance or ambient cyr wheel.  Aerial rope work as well.  Performances can be in full cosplay if the event calls for it.

Does the Wheel Damage the Floor?

No, the floor is more likely to hurt the wheel, actually – especially with abrasive surfaces.  It is covered in a PVC or rubber covering, which protects the wheel and the floor.

How Can I Book You?

Email is the best form of communication for booking.

Do You Smash Your Fingers?