To answer any questions about space, floor, safety, etc

What Type of Floor Can You Spin On?

Dance floor/marley, wood, marble, smooth concrete.  Anything flat and smooth.  If you have an outdoor gig with rough floor – let me know, and I can modify what I do so I can perform.  Carpeted floor is very difficult, but can be done with modification.

How Much Space Do You Need?

A 20×20 space or more is preffered, but I can spin in spaces that are less, as long as the space is larger in diameter than my wheel. (which is 69 inches)

What Else can You Offer?

I currently can only offer cyr wheel as performance or ambient.  I do simple acrobatics as well, but nothing too fancy.  I will be adding multiple aerial apparati to the list once it’s all ready, so check back for more 🙂

Does the Wheel Damage the Floor?

No, the floor is more likely to hurt the wheel, actually – especially with abrasive surfaces.  It is covered in a PVC or rubber covering, which protects the wheel and the floor.

How Can I Book You?

Email is the best form of communication for booking.

Do You Smash Your Fingers?